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Revitalising Sleep & Nature

Revitalising Sleep
& Nature

Natural latex mattresses handcrafted for Australia Natural latex mattresses
handcrafted for Australia

Latex Is Comfortable

The cushioning support from a natural latex mattress is equal parts supple and springy. Two firmness levels (medium and firm) in one plus a topper as add-on provides customisable comfort to perfectly fit your sleep needs. Engineered to support the spine’s natural alignment, preferred and recommended by chiros and physios.

Natural latex is made from pure rubber sap and without the addition of harmful chemicals. No added toxins, polyurethane foams or chemical adhesives in your latex mattress and backed by international certification bodies. We combine natural latex with organic cotton so you can sleep soundly without worrying about harmful off-gassing.

Naturally derived materials rubber sap and organic cotton combine for cool, comfortable sleep. The open cell structure of latex and breathability of cotton means body and room heat radiated to the mattress is not trapped and able to flow out with ease. There is no overheating on a Peacelily latex mattress, wherever you are.

Built to perform and last for generations of great sleep. The resilience of natural rubber, use of premium materials and handcrafted quality mean your Peacelily latex mattress will not sag, reducing partner disturbance. We are absolutely sure of our latex mattress quality, we back it up with a 25 year warranty.

Sourced from the sap of rubber trees through careful hand-tapping, natural latex lasts longer and is biodegradable. Choosing Peacelily means you are an advocate for preventing throwaway mattresses from stressing the environment. Sleep on a natural latex mattress – it is better for you and the Earth.

Latex harnesses the innate ability of natural rubber to resist harmful microbes like mould, mildew and dust mites. The open cell structure of latex is key to proper bed ventilation, deterring moisture from the air, your body or the mattress surface from building up. Sleep even more soundly on a mattress free from microbial allergens.