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Latex King Mattress

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Latex King Mattress

Latex King Mattress

Peace Lily strives to enhance your sleep quality through our luxurious and sustainable product range. Our premium latex king mattress can help you relieve everyday stress and sleep like royalty each night. Order one today!

What are the benefits of sleeping on a latex king mattress?

Our natural latex king mattress offers many benefits over alternatives like polyurethane memory foam and synthetic latex. It provides superior adaptive characteristics to support the natural alignment of your body and features anti-microbial properties to combat allergens and dust mites. That means you no longer need chemical treatment to breathe and relax if you have a sensitive nose!

The three premium layers in our latex king mattress give you a choice between two levels of firmness to suit your preference. You simply have to flip the mattress to get either a medium or a firm feel. We also give you the option to buy a natural latex mattress topper if you want a plusher or firmer cushion.

Peace Lily latex mattresses have low motion transfer characteristics, allowing you and your partner to sleep soundly together. In addition, our organic cotton covers have reinforced handles on either side that let you flip or move the mattress easily. These covers also feature horizontal quilting for added durability.

The unparalleled resistance of natural rubber and our rigorous production standards mean that with proper care, you can count on our mattresses to last for generations. We are very particular about our product quality, and we back it up by offering over two decades of warranty coverage for our latex king mattress – one of the best in the business.

Peace Lily is all about sustainability because we believe that taking care of your health and improving that of our planet go hand in hand. Why purchase a throwaway mattress that stresses the environment when you can get a supremely comfortable and sustainable alternative? In addition, natural latex is highly resistant to toxic microbes such as mould, mildew, and dust mites.

The open-cell structure of our soft latex mattresses promotes proper ventilation to ensure you enjoy optimal sleep temperatures for the climate in Australia. They handily outperform polyurethane memory foam mattresses in this respect. Moreover, we only use the highest-quality natural latex grown in optimal conditions – no synthetic fillers or unnecessary chemicals. We even use latex glue as a non-toxic adhesive to bind the three premium layers together. The same goes for our latex pillow and the other products we have in store. Check out our entire collection and place an order today!

How often should you flip your latex king mattress?

The exceptional resilience of our latex mattresses means that you no longer have to flip them on a regular basis to maintain their shape. However, you should remember that flipping these mattresses can significantly impact their overall feel because of the difference in firmness. We recommend that you try out both sides first to decide whether you find the medium or the firm side more comfortable.

How to protect your latex king mattress?

Peace Lily produces latex mattresses that require minimal maintenance, but there are a couple of simple guidelines you can keep in mind to keep them in pristine condition and extend their service life:

Use an appropriate bed base
The most important thing to consider before buying a king latex mattress is to ensure that you have a suitable bed base. Make sure the dimensions of the mattress and your base match up to ensure a perfect fit. It is also crucial that you use a base that promotes adequate air circulation on the underside of the mattress to prevent an accumulation of moisture. That is also why we strongly advise against placing a latex mattress directly on the floor.

If you’re unsure whether your bed base is compatible with our latex king mattress, you can call us for clarification. We have a dedicated customer service team that will happily answer your enquiries. You can also choose to pair the mattress with our adjustable bed or electric bed for ultimate convenience and ergonomic comfort.

Keep your mattress cover clean
Peace Lily latex mattresses come with luxurious handmade organic cotton covers that are remarkably easy to clean. The best approach to cleaning a mattress cover is spot washing or treating only the part of the cover with a stain.

In the event that your cover requires deeper cleaning, avoid machine washing it to prevent shrinkage. You can instead use a washcloth and mild detergent to scrub away heavy stains and discolourations before air drying the fabric.

You should also make sure that the organic latex mattress is not exposed to direct sunlight when you remove the cover for cleaning. Heat can cause the materials to break down and compromise the quality of the mattress. Nevertheless, our organic cotton covers prevent this problem by fully enclosing all three mattress layers.

Invest in a mattress protector
You can count on the durability and resilience of latex mattresses, but they are not impervious to damage. That is why you should consider investing in a mattress protector to prevent heat or moisture from seeping into the materials. This item essentially gives your mattress an additional layer of protection from elements that can degrade its quality.

What more could you want in a mattress? Peace Lily offers free delivery for most areas in Australia. Check out our entire product range and order now!

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