Latex Mattress Australia

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Latex Mattress Australia

When it comes to latex mattress Australia, Peacelily knows just what your body needs for a comfortable sleeping experience. Our latex mattress is unlike traditional spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses – we provide you with an environmentally sustainable option that boasts adaptive shape support.

Whether it be a latex queen mattress or a latex king mattress variant, you can expect non-toxic materials, a breathable surface, and long-lasting foam padding that will serve you for decades. With our products, you can finally forget about that annoying skin irritation and those uncomfortable warm nights in the summer.

Simply shop online now at Peacelily, choose any mattress size, then pair it with our other quality latex bedding accessories for the best results. Grab a latex pillow for perfect head comfort, an adjustable electric bed base for multiple elevation settings, and a latex mattress topper for longevity.

What are you waiting for? Great quality sleep awaits you here at Peacelily. Order our products now!

What are the types of latex mattresses?

You might be thinking that all latex mattresses are the same, but you would be surprised to see what kind of difference our sleeping products have on your body. Here are some of the types of mattresses in the market and how they compare with our solution.

Material grade
In terms of latex mattress Australia material, there are two main types: synthetic latex mattress and organic latex mattress.

While a synthetic mattress could provide you with the back support you need, there’s no denying that these products have materials that can be harmful to sensitive skin. This is because these synthetic mattresses generally contain polyurethane foams with chemical adhesives and flame retardants.

However, our natural latex mattresses are designed with both spinal and skin support in mind. All our mattresses are made with 100% natural rubber latex glue, 100% natural rubber latex foam, and 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton covers.

With Peacelily, you can rest easy knowing that you are choosing natural and organic mattresses for your home.

Similar to the material grade aspect, there are two types of latex mattresses when it comes to denseness, namely, firm padded and soft padded latex mattresses.

With most generic brands out there, you usually only get to choose one option. Afterwards, you would have to stick with that mattress firmness for years. This becomes a challenge as some mattress providers don’t give any free trials, and not everyone has time to make their way to the physical location for in-store testing.

However, with Peacelily, you can have both. Our pure latex mattress provides you with two 5cm outer layers and one 10cm core layer. The medium outer layer gives you a softer D65 feel while the firm outer layer gives you a denser D75 feel.

With this, you can simply start with whichever side and then conveniently flip your mattress the other way around if you feel like you need a change in pressure.

Buy latex mattress today through our online store. Choose our organic and adjustable latex mattress Australia line to experience better sleep in no time!

How are latex mattresses different from memory foam mattresses?

There are two main differences between Peacelily latex mattress Australia products and generic memory foam mattress products. Listed below are how they compare with each other in the areas of durability and breathability.

A 100% latex mattress is known to be the most durable due to its material. Unlike its spring or memory foam counterparts, its composition will allow it to withstand daily use for even over fifty years. Additionally, the natural elastic form of our product makes it less prone to the deformation and warping usually seen in memory foam mattress types.

Another point of difference between latex and memory foam mattresses would be the overall breathability of the layers used.

While memory foam mattresses collect heat from your body and surroundings, our Peacelily latex mattress Australia product has a well-crafted open cell structure of latex that is designed to avoid this issue. This means that even after a long night of sleep, you will feel cool and comfortable as heat emitted flows out easily through the latex layers and cotton cover.

Experience decades of satisfaction with our durable and breathable sleep solution. Order online now as we ship to comfort-seekers all around Australia!

A perfect marriage between nature and technology

Our goal here at Peacelily is to provide you with a feature-rich latex mattress made with natural materials. With us, you can count on a green chain process that supports diverse latex crafting communities and reduces carbon emissions around the world.

A mattress from us is built to satisfy all your sleeping needs. We are confident that they will provide you with the comfort and functionality you desire – that is why we let you try them risk-free for 100 nights. With this trial period, you can experience our quality mattresses and have your money back if you are not satisfied.

Take advantage of our latex mattress Australia line together with our other premium latex offers to join the thousands of satisfied Peacelily customers. Choose our products to spend more time getting the sleep you need and less time staring at the ceiling at night. Place a Peacelily mattress order today to enjoy a trusted 25-year warranty and ultra fast shipping!

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