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Latex Mattresses

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Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

Most people spend around a third of their life sleeping, so why not buy latex mattresses that will make you feel refreshed and relaxed every time you wake up?

Our mission here at Peace Lily is to create top-tier natural products to level up your sleep quality – and through our latex mattress options, we do just that. We provide you with a mattress that is unrivalled by the competition.

With our products, you can expect sustainability and versatility that you cannot find anywhere else. From a large latex king mattress for a shared bedroom to a sizeable latex single mattress for the guest room, Peace Lily covers all your possible needs.

Apprehensive about latex mattresses? Well, don’t fret as we have just the solution for you. Our risk-free 100-night trial period makes it so you can try our durable bed product and get your money back if ever you are not satisfied.

That’s right – we let our product speak for itself. We know that you’ll love our latex mattresses to such an extent that you’ll want your whole sleeping setup decked out with Peace Lily accessories.

Browse through our other sleep products, then order an adjustable bed base for better spinal support, a latex mattress topper for added pressure or softness, and a latex pillow to complete the whole sleeping set.

Enjoy all our premium products today and be part of the Peace Lily community. You can even write a review on our online platform and guide comfort-seekers all around Australia!

Why should you buy latex mattresses?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider buying latex mattresses for your home as opposed to traditional spring and memory foam mattresses. Here’s how Peace Lily is proving that choosing latex mattress is the smart, sustainable choice:

A latex mattress from Peace Lily brings nature back into your life through advanced yet eco-friendly green chain processes. With our options, you get all the durability you need with the added benefit of sustainability. In fact, when you buy a latex mattress from us, you are supporting the rubber tree plantations we use. This field of trees significantly cuts on the world’s carbon emissions – 1.76 metric tons of carbon dioxide, to be exact.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on a manufacturing procedure that doesn’t infuse our products with harmful chemicals and toxins. With this, your skin is bound to love the texture of our mattresses as all our materials are organic and all-natural. Say goodbye to off-gassing adhesives and synthetic petroleum-based polyurethane memory foams – welcome the future of sleep products by shopping online now at Peace Lily.

Aside from the environmental aspect, our latex mattresses also boast incomparable versatility.

We have thought about the varying preferences of each person, so instead of giving you one option to sleep with, we have created latex mattresses that have two different usable layers.

Our mattresses have a 10cm core base with a 5cm soft plush layer on one side and a 5cm firm layer on the other. This way, you can adjust the latex mattress based on your mood or future conditions that might arise. All you have to do is flip the product and then feel as if you have a brand-new latex foam mattress.

You can even buy a latex mattress with an adjustable electric bed base. With this combination, you can have your ideal firmness from the mattress and the angle or elevation you prefer with the bed base.

Enjoy our organic and versatile option now and let your body experience the comfort it’s been looking for. Choose Peace Lily for a mattress free of harmful chemicals, certified by the eco-INSTITUT® and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Do latex mattresses get softer over time?

Peace Lily latex mattresses get softer over time and stay expanded for decades, not years.

To ensure proper and secure shipping procedures, we compress our latex mattresses and send them out in a sturdy box. When your mattress arrives at your front door, you can immediately open the casing it comes in to let the product expand.

Even though our natural latex mattresses can take about 30 days to fully decompress, you can sleep on them right away. Just set up the latex mattress on your bed base and experience a full night’s rest. We are positive you’ll enjoy your first night with it!

How to make your latex mattress more comfortable?

If you’re looking to make your mattress even more comfortable, you can navigate through our online platform and then view our premium latex mattress toppers.

This product can be used by everyone as it is compatible with both old and new mattresses. With this bedding accessory, you can make new latex mattresses feel even better and make worn-out mattresses feel like they’re brand new again.

Additionally, you get the option to choose the denseness that best suits your personal situation. Just pick from our Luxury Plush comfort feel (D65) option or our Firm comfort feel (D85) option and be on your way to catching more z’s at night.

Now that you know the benefits of Peace Lily latex products, it’s time to complete your order with us. Simply add our premium latex products into your online shopping cart, confirm the transaction, and have us deliver your package straight to your front door!

Blissful sleep from a natural mattress

At Peace Lily, we are dedicated to bringing you the sleep you deserve through sustainable means and by supporting the small but talented communities that provide their services to create these premium products.

With us, you can trust that your latex mattresses are shipped out directly to you – meaning that there are no middlemen and inflated pricing. Here, you simply get natural and quality sleeping solutions at a competitive market price.

Try our latex products risk-free through our 100-night trial period, and then let your first-hand experience guide you from there. Be part of the Peace Lily family today by getting your hands on a latex mattress crafted with your well-being in mind. Shop now to receive a 25-year warranty for every type of latex mattress order!

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