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Latex Queen Mattress

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Latex Queen Mattress

Latex Queen Mattress

Here at Peace Lily, we understand how sensitive our bodies can be – that is why we have created a latex queen mattress fit for any body. We have utilised state-of-the-art technology to produce a mattress that goes beyond market expectations.

With all the functionality of its counterparts in the market, our premium latex mattresses give you added benefits you cannot get anywhere else.

Perhaps you feel a disturbance every night as your skin doesn’t react well with standard polyurethane foams and chemical flame retardants present in the typical bedding brand. Or maybe you just keep tossing and turning because of the thick, warm padding on your current bed setup.

Whatever gripe you may have with your current mattress, we are certain you won’t experience it with our product.

Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself with our risk-free trial period of 100 nights. We are confident in our latex queen mattress that we’ll give you a complete refund on your order if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

Shop now at Peace Lily and enjoy free shipping in most areas in Australia. Make sure to check out our electric bed base, latex pillow, and latex mattress topper bedding options for a complete set of accessories.

Choose better sleep – buy latex foam mattresses from Peace Lily.

How to choose the right latex queen mattress?

Picking out the right queen mattress is essential as every person has different needs and preferences. Here are some basic aspects to look out for when choosing a mattress:

High-quality material can make or break a product – it could be the difference between a full eight hours of sleep or a restless night staring at your ceiling.

Most run-of-the-mill mattresses in the market contain synthetic, gas-producing petrochemical foams. Aside from this, they usually have large metal springs under the top layer to compensate for the lack of dense padding and desirable bounce.

Here at Peace Lily, we are dedicated to bringing you a latex queen mattress that is made of organic material.

Our natural latex mattress boasts a 100% rubber latex core layer, Global Organic Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton wadding, and cover. This way, your body has the adaptive spinal support and skin protection it needs for a good night’s rest.

Using these materials to craft a mattress also means that you are helping our common home – the environment. Due to our responsible rubber sap harvesting methods and the overall non-toxic nature of our products, you can rest assured that you are not making an unsustainable investment.

Similar to most things in life, change is bound to happen. One day you might just wake up and find that the current feel of your mattress does not suit you anymore.

For this reason, you would want a durable future-proof option that will serve you well for decades to come.

With most mattresses, you only get one option – either a firm or a soft variant. While the option you initially choose may satisfy you at first, what about future instances where you would want more or less pressure?

Here at Peace Lily, we understand your changing needs. Instead of limiting you to one variant, our latex mattress queen is a two-in-one option that allows you to have both a medium and firm latex mattress.

Simply rest on the firm layer for as long as you want and then, when you feel like it, flip the latex queen mattress to experience the medium layer.

Browse through the Peace Lily online store to buy latex mattress and pair it with an adjustable bed base for maximum customisability.

We also offer a latex single mattress for one-person rooms, a latex double mattress for couples or all-over-the-bed sleepers, and a latex king mattress for couples who sleep with their kids or perhaps pets.

What are you waiting for? Finally get that full night of sleep with Peace Lily!

How long does it take for latex queen mattresses to expand?

Due to the shipping process, our latex queen mattress will arrive as a compressed product. This is simply to ensure efficiency and quality when we send out our sleep solution.

However, after you unpack your Peace Lily mattress, you will notice that the product has already begun to expand. With this, you can sleep and rest on your latex mattress right away then enjoy more of its comfort day by day.

Our product takes about 30 days to fully expand as that’s the time it takes for the natural latex material to decompress. It then keeps its shape for an incredibly long period – that is why we are able to give you a 25-year warranty.

Other market options may take less time to fully expand but will then deflate relatively quickly after regular use.

Choose the reliable, organic, and long-lasting solution. Order a Peace Lily latex queen mattress today and experience a level of comfort you haven’t felt before.

How long do latex queen mattresses last?

When it comes to mattresses, latex is synonymous with durability.

Peace Lily provides you with a queen mattress that can last for decades – reports have even shown that a latex mattress can last for over 50 years!

Unlike regular spring mattresses, our latex option does not deform easily over time. Our natural and eco-friendly mattress even proves to be superior to synthetic latex mattresses that are known to crumble after years of use.

With our latex queen mattress, you will surely be satisfied for a long time. You can enjoy durable, natural materials that will allow you to sleep in a cool and comfortable manner.

Buy our complete sleep set today at Peace Lily to experience a perfect blend of technology and nature!

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