Peacelily Is Not Doing a Black Friday Sale and Here’s Why Not


We’re nearing the time of year when retail kicks into a hot frenzy. When every business drops their prices and when we at Peacelily begin getting daily (if not more) messages about whether we’re doing a Black Friday sale, or if we have any live promos at the moment. We totally get it, it's smart to check whether a sale is coming up before buying. After all, there’s nothing (NOTHING!) more frustrating than placing an order and getting an email about a half-off everything sale the very next day. 


But at Peacelily, we won't be having a Black Friday sale (or any other sale), and here's the reason why not.

What is Black Friday? 
Black Friday is a tradition that originally stems from America. It comes the day after Thanksgiving each year, followed by Cyber Monday. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become some of the largest commercial holidays in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and across the world, with Aussies alone spending around $3.8 billion in November. Commercially, it’s a big deal. 

t’s a consumerist holiday without comparison (bigger than Boxing Day even), and is a time when consumers look to secure discounts on things they need, and things they don’t really need, but want. 


 Put simply, it encourages overconsumption when what the world needs is to consume a lot less

Big mattress sales can incentivise impulse-buying (as well as artificially high mark-ups), leading many to buy a new mattress before they need to because the price is low right now.  Do you really need a new mattress or does your old one just have an embarrassing stain on it?
 (Baking soda, water, and hydrogen peroxide may help with the stain)

 We're not saying don't get an upgrade when you need it - you spend a third of your life in bed and need a supportive, comfy mattress for your sleep and your overall health. We're just saying don't let fancy marketing and big sales fool you into a premature upgrade! If you're unsure if it's time to upgrade your mattress, this blog can help you decide.

To beat their competition to the sale, many businesses also start their sales  weeks and sometimes even months in advance. As this becomes the norm, the Black Friday sale will continue to grow in length and scope. Where does it stop? With us, at least.

So why won’t we take part? 
Primarily because it goes against our radical pricing policy and our commitment to slow-bedding. We don’t believe in encouraging buying for buying’s sake, or encouraging impulse buys. Instead, we believe you should buy when you need to. We also believe that when you’re ready, you should be able to afford lasting quality. 

That’s why we employ a radical pricing policy. What this means is that we’re transparent about the cost of our products (from design to production, to shipping, warehousing, and getting it to your door) as well as our profit margin. This transparency means we can offer quality, handmade products at a low year-round price, but it also means we cannot drop these prices further.

Instead of artificially inflating our prices year-round to entice you to buy at a markdown on Black Friday (or any sales day), we offer you our lowest, honest price year-round. Put simply, we can’t do markdowns because we won’t do mark-ups.


Mattress sales and the fast-bedding boom
We’ve got a mattress problem. Namely that buying new mattresses has become cool, rather than a necessity, and it’s led to what some call a mattress landfill crisis. More than a million mattresses end up in landfill per year in Australia alone, and this number is only growing. 
Once they’re in landfills, mattresses are bulky and take up space, and are also famously hard to properly process to separate recyclable parts like springs. Add to that that memory foam mattresses are petroleum-based polyurethane foams (which can take up to 1,000 years to fully break down and pollute as they do so), and it's a recipe for disaster. 

Buy for good instead
You shouldn't buy a mattress before you need to, and we make ours as durable as possible. Many memory foams are fine for 5-10 years before they begin to sag, but natural latex mattresses can offer your supported sleep for up to 50 years with the right conditions and protections (read: care, cleaning, and mattress protectors and mattress toppers). That's why ours is backed by a 25 year warranty.

Not your standard mattress in a box brand
While, sure, we sell our mattresses in a box, we operate differently from most other mattress-in-a-box companies around. Firstly, we don’t want to contribute to fast-bedding, which is why we make a lasting product backed by a 25-year mattress warranty (compared to the standard 8-10). Secondly, our mattresses are also 100% natural, meaning they are compostable. Thirdly, we’re passionate about doing our part to keep our mattresses out of landfills, which is why our returned mattresses go to charities such as Salvation Army. Lastly, we don’t add a large profit margin to our mattresses, and what we do add, we’re completely transparent about.

What about Peacelily mattress discount codes?
So if you’re reading this blog hoping to find a juicy discount code, we’re really sorry to disappoint. But what we can offer you, is the lowest price possible on the very day you need to buy a new mattress. No need to chase the discounts, it’s already applied! Today’s the sale! It's a win win win.


Peacelily Refer a Friend Reward! 
That said, if you’re an existing Peacelily customer who’s found their love of our products rubbing off on their friends or family, we’ve got a Refer a Friend reward ($50 for eligible purchases), which you can claim here

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to hop on our pricing policy page here to see the full cost breakdown of a Peacelily latex mattress compared to traditional latex companies! If it is time to upgrade your mattress, pillow, or add a topper, and you'd like an all-natural, sustainably handmade product, you're in luck. Today's the very best day to buy it, price-wise.  
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