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Peace Lily Mattress
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Traditional Latex

Honest pricing

Radically transparent.

Skip the big markupsWe believe our customers have a right to get the best possible price every day without hidden markups. In line with our radical pricing policy, we reveal the true cost behind our products: from our factory floor, direct to your door. This includes the complete cost: from materials and production to warehousing and transportation - then we offer you a price without markups. We can do this because we’ve skipped the middlemen and expensive supply chains - we deal directly with the rubber tree farms, and organic cotton factories, before handmaking our products.

Peace Lily discount codes and sales

No sales or discounts. Why?

365 Day Honest Price PolicyOur dedication to low prices year-round doesn’t lend itself to Peace Lily discount codes and sales. That’s because skipping the big markups means that we cannot do the big markdowns. We’re committed to transparency and sustainably low prices all year around instead. That means that the price you get today is the lowest any time of year! We know No Sales Ever perhaps isn’t very sexy, but it’s ethical - and it prevents impulse buying.

That said, we do offer a Peace Lily friend referral, you can win a free latex pillow after refering a friend for select purchases if your love of our products rubs off on your friends and fam! To learn more about our friend referral or why we don’t have Peace Lily discounts and coupon codes, please feel free to send us an email to info@peacelily.com.au or pop on over to our referral program page to get started.

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We reveal the costs behind every aspect of our production process.

Materials & Production

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True Cost

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Our Price vs. Traditional Latex Retailers

Our materials are of much higher quality (and much higher cost), yet our pricing remains lower. Traditional latex retailers mark their products up five times. Us? Not even twice.

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