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At Peace Lily, we understand the importance of sustainable and non-toxic solutions for every business, regardless of size. We're committed to offering you environmentally-friendly bedding products that meet your specific needs. Our range includes options for corporate partnerships, designer trade offers, and large volume orders, all backed by supportive after sale services to ensure as smooth a purchasing process as possible

Our products are manufactured within our own factory where they are handcrafted, thoroughly quality checked and built with the most premium, sustainable materials. The manufacturing team is our own and has decades of experience in bedding manufacturing, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing premium products you can trust to live up to their quality. Whether you're outfitting a single boutique retreat centre or sourcing for a large construction project, we're here to provide safe, sustainable bedding that aligns with your values and requirements.

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The Peace Lily Difference

We're radically transparent in our materials and manufacturing process, ensuring our products offer tailored comfort and superior support through the use of certified and premium natural latex, organic cotton and organic wool; beneficial for both you and the planet. With the world now realising the importance of sustainability for the future of the Earth, Peace Lily comes as the perfect modern bedding solution.

Having our own experienced and effectively run factory allows us to provide affordability in our products without lowering the quality of our premium materials or luxury comfort. Our factory adheres to ethical practices, benefiting local communities, but also operates with a minimal environmental footprint, using the most sustainable organic materials, and a green supply chain which uses biomass boilers and our own recycled water in production.

Off gassing of mattresses is a real phenomenon with some new case studies showing the impact on health over time. Mattresses break down over the years of usage and release chemicals into the air which harm indoor air quality and can lead to health concerns. The level of harm depends on the type of mattress and the materials used, with polyurethane and memory foam generally being the worst options. Peace Lily uses natural and organic materials, causing a significant reduction in any off gassing that occurs with normal mattresses making it extremely safe and non-toxic!

For larger orders, Peace Lily has a variety of product composition offerings available which can be customised to suit your specific needs in terms of comfort preference, price and weight. Our innovative team will be able to quickly grasp your requirements and vision to provide you with the perfect product fit for your next project.

"With all things considered, the Peace Lily Mattress is a very nice mattress. It is comfortable and versatile, and its non-toxic certifications will appeal to many." bedbuyer award winner

All Peace Lily Products Are Commercially Available for Wholesale



The standard for healthy sleep
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Create the perfect sleep environment with the Peace Lily Mattress. Expect malleable cushioning, support for all sleep positions and back pain relief for a great night’s sleep. Latex is durable and resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew, providing far superior posture support than synthetic materials like memory foam. Suitable for even the most extreme temperatures.



Natural protection with organic cotton
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Rest easy knowing your mattress is naturally protected. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Peace Lily Mattress Protector acts as a barrier, absorbing skin oils, perspiration, and other minor accidents. The protector also features an extra plush cotton layer that is beautifully breathable - no synthetic materials used here.



Elevate the comfort of your mattress
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Enhance the feel of your current mattress with the Peace Lily Topper. Made from 100% natural rubber latex with certified 100% organic cotton fabric. The luxuriously soft plush topper improves an overly firm mattress. The firm topper gives support over a sagging, soft mattress. Both variants of this topper pair perfectly with the Peace Lily Mattress.



Perfect neck support all night
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Our pillows feature natural materials like 100% natural rubber latex or plant-based kapok filling and 100% organic cotton. The firm support of the Peace Lily Latex Pillow is ideal for side sleepers, whilst the Peace Lily Kapok Pillow offers versatility with an adjustable loft.

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Accommodation & Hotel

From holiday homes to hotels, Peace Lily is equipped to meet your business needs with a sustainable approach. Our range includes eco-friendly options for bedroom furniture. Our dedicated team specializes in handling bulk orders, ensuring smooth delivery and eco-conscious disposal of packaging materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability at every step.

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