Peacelily Wins Bedbuyer Best Latex Mattress In A Box 2022!

Since our founding, we’ve been on a journey to bring quality, sustainable, non-toxic, and ultra-comfy mattresses to more people.
Not only that, but we wanted to make them affordable, and convenient to acquire. That’s why we’re honoured and thrilled to nab the Bedbuyer 2022 Best Latex Mattress In A Box Award. Read on to learn why our affordable eco luxury mattress nabbed the top spot! 

Why is the Bedbuyer award such a big deal? 
Bedbuyer™ is Australia’s leading independent mattress review site and an authority on all things mattresses and sleep health. Their expert review team of qualified health professionals (sleep scientists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists) help shoppers choose the best products for their concerns, budgets, comfort preferences, and health. They have conducted more than 1,600 expert mattress reviews, which is why our latex mattress getting the top spot is a huge honour and acknowledgment of what we do!
Mattresses in a box are here to stay
Numbered are the days when the done thing was to go to a mattress or furniture store and try out a mattress before buying. Not only do these middleman stores come with a huge mark-up, but they also often sell you the mattress they make the biggest profit from, not the one that’s necessarily best for your needs. Skip the parade of middlemen and go straight to the source instead. It'll save you money and time! 
The convenience of buying a mattress online and having it delivered for free to your door in a box also can’t be beaten. With risk-free trials like our 100-night sleep trial, too, it means you get to sleep on your purchase for 100 nights while deciding if it’s for you. 

How are we different from other mattresses in a box? 
Well, there are a few reasons for this actually, but at the core of all of them is this: we’re a sustainable brand striving to be convenient, not a convenient brand trying to become more sustainable. Every choice we make is to find the ideal meeting point between price, convenience, and comfort. Sustainability, however, is always at the core. This is seen in the materials we use, the way we hand make our products, and how we price them. 

We use better materials
We use only 100% natural latex and organic cotton that’s free from synthetic materials and harmful chemicals. It’s good for the earth and it’s good for your sleep. 
Rubber is a renewable, green resource that is hand tapped from Sri Lankan rubber trees for up to 30 years. When it’s time for them to be chopped down, these very trees become fuel for the biomass boilers that transform the rubber sap into our award winning, pure Dunlop latex foam. But until then, they’re powerful CO2 absorbers and producers of world-class rubber sap. 
Our latex core is then swaddled in a thick and soft organic cotton cover - put together by hand.  We opt for organic cotton for several reasons. It uses no pesticides, chemicals, or fungicides during growing, it uses 91% less water, and uses safe or no whitening chemicals at all. It produces a final product that’s soft and safe and is overall much better for people, the environment, future generations, and your sleep.

Zero smell straight out of the box
Do you know that strong chemically ‘new’ smell of most mattresses in a box? It can take weeks - sometimes months - to air out, and can cause headaches, allergies, and disrupted sleep.
That smell is actually harmful chemicals off-gassing into your bedroom, which is bad for your health, allergies, and the environment. Our all-natural mattress has zero smell straight out of the box. You can sleep on it right away - no smell, no off-gassing, no worries. 

Dedicated to fair working conditions
We proudly own our own factory in Sri Lanka, so that we can ensure our team is paid fairly. Owning our own factory also means we can ensure that we pollute minimally, use no harmful chemicals, and keep waste to a minimum.

Dedicated to honest prices
Our latex mattress is one of the most affordable on the market. We’re in fact priced so much lower than our pure latex competitors that we quite frequently get asked how we’re so cheap. It’s not because our product is subpar - instead it’s due to our commitment to radical pricing. This means we’re completely transparent about the relationship between the cost of our products and the final price for our customers. We strive to keep our prices low so that more people can invest in their sleep health, which also explains why we never do sales or discounts - the year-round price IS the sale price. 

Secure Australia’s Best Latex Mattress In A Box 
Best Latex Mattress In A Box 2022 is not an accolade we take lightly, and it definitely doesn’t mean we’ll rest on our laurels! Our comfort, quality, and fair prices is what secured us the top spot - and as we move into 2022 we will continue to bring better quality sleep to more people.
If you’re not looking forward to slipping into bed each night, it might be time to invest in better sleep. If you're on the search for a new mattress, mattress topper, or pillow, feel free to browse our affordable Eco luxury range. You can also click here to visit Bedbuyer™ to read more about their assessment of our latex mattress. 
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