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If you have been searching for options relating to Adjustable Beds, then you will have likely seen a lot of options described as Latex Pillow or even 100 Latex Pillow. These are similar ways of describing the same kind of product, just like Firm Latex Pillow, Queen Size Adjustable Bed, and even Extra Firm Latex Pillow. Compare your search results now with the Peace Lily range of pillows, mattress toppers, mattress protectors and adjustable bed bases to discover why our range is the better value and higher quality option. Not only do we offer high quality, sustainable and long-lasting products, we are also committed to ensuring that our products are as safe as possible for humans to use too. By offering a breakdown of our costs and prices, we're hoping to demonstrate just how easy it really is to shop for sustainable products that last and offer you a luxurious sleeping experience. Natural rubber latex, for example, is a versatile and sustainable product that delivers unparalleled support and comfort when used in a mattress. It's extremely long-wearing, which means you'll get decades of performance for it, saving you money and reducing waste for the planet. When the time does come to replace it, the materials break down naturally in the environment, so it puts less stress on landfills. Shop with Peace Lily online today for more great value options.

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