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Single mattresses commonly occupy various Australian master bedrooms. While searching for the ideal single mattress, the material used is a crucial factor to consider. Given the range of options such as latex, memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid, choosing one can be daunting. This is why we at Peace Lily have devotedly designed a collection of natural mattresses. These mattresses are specifically tailored to the unique sleeping preferences of Australians.

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Experience unmatched comfort and sustainability with our eco-friendly single mattress. Made with natural latex, our mattresses provide exceptional breathability and comfort, outshining synthetic counterparts. Our natural latex single mattress range is not only sustainable and antibacterial, but it's also customizable with varying firmness levels to ensure a perfect sleep experience.

At Peace Lily, we put your well-being and the planet's health first. That's why we are dedicated to offering mattresses that foster a healthier lifestyle. Our mattresses are handmade using premium natural materials to provide adaptive support and an uncomplicated but superior sleep experience without the use of harmful chemicals or adhesives. Choose a Peace Lily mattress for a sustainable, carefully handmade solution to meet your sleep needs. As an Australian-owned business, we are proud to provide products that demonstrate our commitment to quality and sustainability.

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Picking the Perfect Single Mattress

The most crucial factor when choosing a single mattress is the user's body type. Inappropriate firmness, either too stiff or too plush, could lead to spinal misalignment and potential back problems. Those with back issues should favor mattresses with firm support. The necessary firmness level varies with the individual's body weight. Proper support for the spine is vital to prevent back pain. Support encompasses the mattress's resistance to sagging, indentation, its stability, and cushioning. If you prefer sleeping on your back or side, prioritize firm support paired with a soft surface for maintaining spinal alignment.

At Peace Lily, we understand the complexities of navigating the vast array of single mattress firmness. To simplify this process, we offer two main types of mattresses: a hybrid solution designed to accommodate most people's needs at a budget-friendly rate, and a flexible option which delivers medium and firm comfort. This option allows you to flip the mattress to choose your preferred firmness level. According to our research, these choices meet approximately 80% of our Australian clients' needs and preferences.

Common Mattress Types in Australia

The essence of a mattress is its core component. In Australia, there are four primary types of mattresses: foam, latex, pocket springs, and memory foam. No single technology surpasses others in comfort, each type has unique attributes and advantages. However, it's significant to note that a mattress's comfort level is often influenced by its firmness and personal perception.

How do these mattresses differ? Their main differences lie in the back support they offer during sleep and their breathability. Overheating during sleep is a common problem for many, often caused by the sheets and mattress type. Foam or pocket spring mattresses often struggle with breathability and moisture evacuation, hence their lifespan tends to be shorter than natural latex mattresses.

Your mattress choice can greatly influence the prevalence of dust mites and bacteria. Although the top layer of the mattress is important, and many mattresses are marketed as antibacterial, the core of the mattress is the key. At present, only natural latex offers comprehensive protection against bacteria and dust mites. If you want to avoid nightly allergy problems, considering a latex single mattress as your primary choice is critical.

Did you know?

Were you aware that on average, we release about 33cl of water each night? This might seem like a lot, but it's the truth. As a result, it's essential to choose a mattress with efficient moisture absorption and evaporation capabilities. Natural latex is an excellent option in this respect, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout the night.

An overview of single mattress types

  • Latex mattresses - Made from natural or synthetic latex foam, these mattresses provide exceptional support and durability. Natural latex mattresses excel in offering excellent breathability and air circulation, avoiding moisture and bacterial accumulation. They also provide comfort and pressure point relief, particularly beneficial for those suffering from back pain. However, they tend to be more expensive and might be challenging to find.
  • Memory foam mattresses - These mattresses feature foam that conforms to your body's shape, providing excellent support and pressure relief. Some of the advantages include excellent motion isolation, superior support for pressure points, and pain relief for those with back pain. Some drawbacks might include potential heat retention, off-gassing, and difficulty moving on the mattress.
  • Innerspring mattresses - These are the most traditional type of mattresses, featuring metal coils for support. They are generally more affordable but can be noisy, provide limited motion isolation, and might be uncomfortable for those with back pain.

While there are other types of mattresses and various subcategories for each, prioritizing natural mattresses that breathe is crucial for ensuring a longer lifespan.

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Typical Dimensions of a Single-Size Mattress in Australia

In Australia, a standard Single mattress generally measures 92cm x 188cm, making it an excellent choice for individuals or kids needing less space than a Double or Queen mattress.

Single Mattress size australia

To compare it with other mattress sizes, please refer to our mattress size guide. Note that the bed base size might be slightly larger to accommodate the mattress. Although the standard single bed mattress size is 92cm x 188cm, some could be as long as 200cm. Additionally, the depth of single-size mattresses can vary significantly, with some being up to 30cm deep.

Always check the measurements before finalizing your purchase, particularly if you're uncertain about the required size. Our team is here to help you select the perfect size mattress for your needs.

Single Mattress Toppers: An Economical Solution to Revamp Your Current Mattress

If you're hesitant about investing in a new mattress, a single mattress topper can be an economical alternative to improve your current sleep environment. Toppers are designed to lie on top of your existing mattress and can provide extra comfort, firmness, and pressure relief. They can also extend your mattress's life by reducing wear and tear.

Latex Topper mattress

Adding a topper can also be a great solution if your current mattress is too firm or too soft. You can choose a topper that aligns with your desired level of firmness or softness, suiting your sleep style and preferences. Some toppers even come with features like cooling technology or hypoallergenic materials, making them suitable for individuals who struggle with night sweats or allergies.

Opting for a single mattress topper can be a wise, cost-effective approach to boost your sleep quality without needing to replace the entire mattress. At Peace Lily, our single mattress toppers are carefully designed to enhance comfort and durability, offering additional cushioning and support to alleviate pressure points and foster better sleep. Check out our offerings today.

The Perks of Boxed Mattresses

Boxed mattresses have witnessed a significant rise in demand recently, offering an affordable and convenient option for those in the market for a new smaller mattress, like a single size. Our mattress-in-a-box selection includes high-quality, comfortable mattresses that are conveniently delivered to your doorstep in a compact box. This not only minimizes the environmental impact of shipping but also makes the process of transporting and installing the mattress in your home easier.

Our mattress-in-a-box selection is made with the same premium natural materials as our traditional mattresses, including natural latex and organic cotton. They are also meticulously handcrafted to ensure optimal comfort and support.

Here are some of the advantages of our mattress-in-a-box selection:

  • Convenience: Our mattresses can be delivered directly to your home and are simple to unbox and set up.
  • Value for money: Our mattress-in-a-box selection is more budget-friendly compared to our traditional mattresses, without sacrificing quality and comfort.
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