Latex Double Mattress

Latex Double Mattress

If you want to improve your sleep quality while helping the environment, a latex double mattress is a perfect solution.

Peace Lily creates sustainable latex mattresses and other products designed for restful slumber. We believe that taking care of your health and improving that of the environment go hand in hand, and our mattresses enable us to work toward this end. We handcraft our mattresses using natural latex and organic cotton fabric, minimising the emissions of chemicals common to other foam materials.

Our latex double mattress contains three premium layers that vary in density, giving you the option to adjust the firmness on the fly. You simply have to flip it over to change the feel according to your preference. In addition, the three layers combine to deliver the adaptive support necessary for a good night’s rest. Place an order now!

What factors should I consider before buying a latex double mattress?

The most important thing to consider before purchasing a latex double mattress is your bed base. Make sure the dimensions of the mattress and your bed base line up to ensure a seamless fit. Moreover, make certain the bed base is sturdy enough to support a relatively heavy mattress.

Our mattresses are compatible with most bed bases, so you’re unlikely to encounter any problems. If you have a slatted bed, ensure that the slats are properly spaced to allow proper air circulation. We strongly advise against placing them directly on the floor to maintain adequate air circulation and prevent the build-up of moisture.

Unsure whether your bed is compatible with our mattresses? Give us a call for clarifications! Our friendly customer service team will be glad to answer your questions. You can also pair our mattresses with our adjustable bed for unparalleled convenience and ergonomics.

What are the benefits of sleeping on a latex double mattress?

Investing in a latex double mattress lets you indulge in the benefits of premium natural materials. The adaptive support these mattresses have to offer is second to none, and the ability to provide two firmness variants is a valuable feature. They are engineered to support the natural alignment of your spine. In addition, their low motion transfer properties allow you and your sleeping partner to sleep soundly. You also have the option of buying a latex mattress topper to get a plusher or firmer feel.

Our mattresses are dust mite resistant, allergen-free, and anti-bacterial, eliminating the need for chemical treatment! If you have a sensitive nose, a soft latex mattress can help you breathe better to improve your sleep quality.

Peace Lily latex mattresses come with heavy-duty handles on either side for easy flipping or moving. These reinforced handles are attached to organic cotton wadding that features horizontal quilting for added durability.

You can count on our mattresses to last for generations due to the resilience of natural rubber and our high production standards. We are particular about our product quality, and we back it up with over two decades of warranty coverage – one of the best in the industry.

Peace Lily is a staunch advocate for sustainability. A purchase with us is a purchase against throwaway mattresses that stress the environment. Moreover, natural latex is highly resistant to harmful microbes like mould, mildew, and dust mites. The open-cell structure of this material allows heat to radiate to the mattress and flow out seamlessly, ensuring optimal sleep temperature for the climate in Australia. We also use latex glue as a non-toxic adhesive to keep the three layers in our mattresses together.

A Peace Lily organic latex mattress easily outperforms polyurethane memory foam and synthetic or blended latex alternatives. We use only the highest-quality latex from rubber plants grown in ideal conditions – no synthetic fillers. The same goes for our latex pillow and the rest of our product line. Explore our online catalogue and order now!

Is it necessary to flip latex double mattresses?

The superior quality and durability of our latex foam mattresses eliminate the need for constant flipping. Their premium materials combine to retain the optimal shape over the long term without turning them over periodically. However, you should keep in mind that flipping our mattresses can drastically affect their overall comfort because of the varying firmness levels. That means you can expect a different sleeping experience if you flip the mattress.

You can choose between the medium or firm side depending on your preference, and it can take some getting used to when you flip it for the first time. We recommend that you try out both sides to help you decide which one is more comfortable. It all boils down to personal preference.

Enhance your sleep quality through Peace Lily products

If you’re looking for a smaller or bigger latex mattress, we have options that range in size from single to king. We also have an electric bed that perfectly complements our latex mattresses. Make sure you check out our entire collection to find bedding products and accessories that can help enhance your sleep quality at home.

Peace Lily offers free delivery in most areas of Australia. You can contact our friendly customer service team if you have any enquiries about our product range. Just call 1800 695 459 or email during business hours, and expect a reply within minutes.

Place an order today and experience the difference for yourself!